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When I saw this map illustrating the Seattle Art Museum’s otherwise excellent Ancestral Modern exhibition words failed me. I guess this is what happens when graphic designers start doing minimalist cartography.

Screenshot of map taken from the Ancestral Modern website


Sometimes ArcGIS just can’t put the labels somewhere sensible, and no amount of Maplex options will help you. Here’s what you do if you want to move them manually.

1) If you want to label all features, it’s best to add them at the start. Right click the layer and select Properties, then Labels, then Placement properties and tick Place overlapping labels.

2) Right click on the layer and select Convert labels to annotations... and choose to Store Annotations In the map.

3) Show the Drawing toolbar, click the Select elements (arrow/cursor tool) and then double-click on the dataframe.

4) Click and drag on the labels.

5) If you didn’t do step one and thus need to add some new labels, select the Label tool on the Drawing toolbar (often hidden behind the New text tool) and click on the feature you want to label.

The World Health Organisation’s Global Status Report is generally excellent. But some of its graphs are a little… misleading:


While I generally find ABC’s election coverage excellent, their live graphs on TV on Saturday night were a little… strange. Judge for yourself:

Photograph of television presenter Leigh Sales in front of a ridiculously unproportional column graph.

Graph fail