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When I saw this map illustrating the Seattle Art Museum’s otherwise excellent Ancestral Modern exhibition words failed me. I guess this is what happens when graphic designers start doing minimalist cartography.

Screenshot of map taken from the Ancestral Modern website


Fox News commentators seem a little confused about the geopolitical implications of the Egypt protests currently taking place. To quote Glenn Beck:

I’ve told you that this is a global movement. Could you play this out for me and just humour me for a second? Here, we have Egypt. It started in Tunisia, Tunisia then leapfrogged Libya and went right over here to Egypt. But the fires are starting here, as well [Libya]. But we see them here [Egypt]. This [Tunisia] is already in revolution and flipped. This is in revolution. I want you to look where Israel is, right here, and Israel, the Gaza strip is on fire. You have any idea, this strait, how much congress [sic] is done through here. You, also, this little area. All the oil from the UAE, everything flows through here. Morocco is on fire. What’s across from Morocco? Spain, connected to France and Germany and Italy, also on fire, and Greece, also on fire, which brings you right back here to Turkey. The entire Mediterranean is on fire. More than that, it’s not just the surrounding countries of the Mediterranean; it also spreads up here. You have the UK and Ireland already with riots in the street!

Perhaps the trouble is that he has been using Fox’s own map of the region:
A map of the Middle East captured from a Fox News broadcast, with Iraq labeled as Egypt.

I’m sure we’re all familiar with the drawbacks of pie-charts. It is notoriously difficult to compare the sizes of different slices of the pie, a problem that the ABC News Online Investigative Unit have set out to solve once and for all.

Instead of returning to the tried and true bar chart, the good folk at the ABC have instead decided to reinvent the pie-chart in a new form. You can decide how well you think they have done:

ABC's categorical radial charts, on a map comparing crime in Mt Druitt to the rest of Sydney

The saving grace here is that they have also included the raw numbers as a count.

The World Health Organisation’s Global Status Report is generally excellent. But some of its graphs are a little… misleading:


While I generally find ABC’s election coverage excellent, their live graphs on TV on Saturday night were a little… strange. Judge for yourself:

Photograph of television presenter Leigh Sales in front of a ridiculously unproportional column graph.

Graph fail