Quick hit: Planarize toolbox in ArcGIS

I have a love-hate relationship with ArcGIS. For all its power and simplicity, it is very inconsistent. For example, some things are located in toolboxes which is good, while others are hidden away in various locations in the editing toolbar, for example.

The editting toolbar is bad. Firstly, your feature has to be in editting mode, which is slow and a pain in the neck. Edits made in the editting toolbar aren’t recorded in your spatial data files metadata. They can’t be automated, so you can put make them in model builder or call them from a Python script.

One of the few reasons I use the editting toolbar is for the Planarize tool, tucked away in the “More editing tools” -> “Topology” toolbar. It turns out, that for line shapefiles, the “Feature to line” toolbox does exactly the same thing. No more edit sessions for me!


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