Importing antialiased OpenOffice 3 charts into Microsoft Office

Well, I might be a little odd, but I like the charts produced by OpenOffice 3.2 much more than those produce by Microsoft Office 2003. But I like word more than writer, so how to combine the two?

I couldn’t find any instructions online that worked for me.  These did though 🙂

Copying and pasting charts from OpenOffice Calc to Microsoft Word is a recipe for disaster.  The only effective method I have found is the follow:

  1. Copy OpenOffice Calc chart
  2. Open a new document in OpenOffice Draw.  Select Edit -> Paste Special -> GDI Metafile
  3. Right-click on the image, and select Save as Picture…
  4. Save the picture as a Windows Metafile (*.wmf), not an Enhanced Metafile (*.emf)
  5. Import into Microsoft Word via Insert Picture -> From File..
  6. Sigh with relief

The resulting image should be a vector file that word can print in a nice, antialiased way.


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